providing the entertainment industry with the utmost standards 

in dubbing and subtitling services

We are specialists in Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and English localization services

About Us

We are a passionate hard- working team that believes that content deserves to shine in every language.

We  give our best in dubbing and subtitling services in Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and English.

Our strategic hub in Texas, and recording studios in Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo allow us to solve all our clients’ needs efficiently using the latest cutting-edge technology.

Our philosophy

Client Centered Services


We aim for client satisfaction. 

We know the market 's timing and answer quickly. Our management team is ready to work side by side with the client to deliver each project exactly on time.

We  go the extra mile to get things done!

Quality & Commitment


Marmac's studios have all the acoustic and technical requirements for television and all the different media. We have engineers and technicians with great expertise. In addition, we count with a 5.1 mixing room, Protools HD and a D-Control 32.

Outstanding professionals


We cast the best voices and directors to make sure the content can excel on its own. 

We work with over 100 talents, from kids voices to adults, singing and more! 

Our dubbing teams cover project managing roles trough studio directors, marketing specialists as well as an intellectual property department.

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